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Don't judge this little piece of "paper"! Use it and the more times you clean it, the more it will be like a kitchen towel cloth with the excellent feature - REUSABLE! 


  •  MADE FROM NATURAL CELLULOSE WOODS FIBERS – Our Swedish dishcloths are made from a unique blend of all-natural wood pulp cellulose (70%) and unbleached cotton fibers (30%) making them more absorbent than traditional kitchen towels. Both materials are naturally sourced from sustainable supply chains to ensure an eco-friendly product.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT – No surface will be left wet. These cloths can absorb water up to 20 times their own weight and can be used more than 300 times! Each dishcloth can replace about 17-19 paper towel rolls which almost equals 10 pounds of waste. Save yourself money and save the planet by switching to our Swedish dishcloths.
  • VERSATILE CLEANING SOLUTION – This soft dishcloth is great for washing fragile dishes, for cleaning any counter top or tight spot in your kitchen, bathroom or office. A perfect option that can easily take care of daily spills and messes. Ideal size of the cloths makes for easy handling and wringing during use
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND REUSABLE – These dishcloths are designed to be reusable and long lasting for months. Just toss it into a washing machine or dishwasher to clean. Dry it and use it again. It will neither shrink nor lose its shape. Natural materials dry faster and prevent the growth of odor even after using for a long time
  • SUSTAINABLE, BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSITABLE– Our Swedish dishcloths are 100% biodegradable. When you feel it’s time to replace, you can throw these away into your compost pile. No compost pile? You can also recycle these dishcloths with old newspapers. They degrade back into the earth leaving no harmful by-product behind.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Our swedish dishtowels are made of top quality cellulose and cotton that will simply not disappoint you! The lightweight and convenience in our swedish wash cloth sets make it easy to carry where as you need around the home! Each swedish dish cloth set are even machine washable and can last much longer than traditional paper towels!
  • USER-FRIENDLY - All of our Swedish dishcloth sets make it incredibly easy to scrub dishes, mugs, tumblers, and so much more! Normal paper towels are normally only good for 1 use and then have to be thrown away! Each swedish dish towel is 15 times more absorbent and can be used many more times!

Reusable Kitchen Paper Towel - Modern

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