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The Uniqueness of WISELLY Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Zero-Waste Food Storage Bags, Reusable Freezer Bags are getting huge attention in recent years and will continue for many years to come. Many people have realized how many single use plastic food bags they have been throwing away as well as they fortune!

People might ask: WHY are WISELLY Reusable Silicone Freezer Food Bunker Containers are getting so much attentions in the Eco-Friendly products world? Let's find out!

Practical, Versatile, Long-Lasting Reusable "Stand-Up" Silicone Food Bunker Storage Bags On The Market

While there are many different types of Reusable Silicone Food Bags on the market today, only WISELLY is able to offer a Unique, Practical, Versatile and Long-lasting Reusable Food Storage Bags. Why? Read On!

7 Stunning Features:

  • Snap Open & Close Feature

Many silicone food bags on the market are hard to open and close, this is especially true for those with arthritis hands. WISELLY silicone bags are Easy to Open and Close without needing a whole lot of muscles and energy! It literally takes a few seconds to open and close the bag.

  • Easy To Clean: By Hands and Dishwasher/Freezer/Microwave Safe

Many of the silicone food bags on market have hard to reach tight corners, so there will be foods or cleaning residues accumulate at those corners, it is also hard to dry which may encourage mold built up! Yucks!!! Our silicone bags has no tight corners, the oval wide bottom allowed easy cleaning and drying. You can easily flip inside out for cleaning, no problem!

  • Quick Dry

Drying our silicone bags are a breeze! You can either leave it stand up or leave it upside down on drying rack. Unlike other silicone bags which needed a cup or other accessories holder to support the drying process. The oval shape at the bottom allowed the bag to dry quickly without any hard to dry tight corners.

  • Stand-Up, Wide Opening

You don't need any bag holders when you use WISELLY silicone bags! Our large opening and stand up features allowed you to pour your soup or liquid without asking anyone for help to keep the bag opened!

  • Space Saving Roll-Up Bags

Space saving is especially important when you try to achieve Reusable Purposes. Roll up the bags and store in smaller space and be organized is another reason why our customers love WISELLY bags!

  • Heat/Cold resistant

WISELLY bags are made with 100% Premium Food Grade Silicone Materials. All our silicone products are FDA, BPA-Free certified. Thus, they are safe and long-lasting. The bags withstand -40°F to +392°F (-40°C to +200°C) without the clipper. They withstand -4°F to +212°F (-20°C to +100°C) with clipper.

(NOTE: For Sous Vide/boiling with the clipper over temperatures of 158°F (70°C) will need to stay within 8 min)

  • Prevent Pop Open Mess

Our Tritan/Clipper provides a secure lock for the opening, no more accidentally spill your soup or liquid in your carry bag! This is especially important as many customers experienced the mess from other brands of silicone bags on the market which do not offer this great feature.

  • Airtight & Leak-proof

It is easy to make WISELLY silicone bag airtight! Just squeeze out the air in the bag, then lock it! (Please note: Our silicone bags support certain level of airtight ability. If you absolutely need a 100% airtight container, we recommend glass containers with screw cap lid.) Our thick silicone material provide tremendous support against leaking! So you do not have to worry it will leak like regular plastic bags.


Now you see why WISELLY silicone food bags are so versatile compare to anything else on the market. These silicone bags are especially great as freezer bags, sous vide bags, snack bags etc. Also great for camping and traveling!

The Practical Sizes (1 Liter, 2 Liter, 3 Liter / 33Oz, 68Oz, 101Oz) of these silicone bags is also another main reasons our customers praising about!

Watch the product video here!

Have you own WISELLY Silicone Bags yet?


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