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Openable Reusable

Silicone Straws


Are these straws good for kids and adults for any drinks? BPA free?

Absolutely! Our silicone straws are FDA Approved and BPA Free Certified. It is completely safe for everyone from hot to cold drink, thick beverage (large straws) like smoothie, slushy; thin beverage (small straws) like milk, coffee, soda, etc. There are easy on teeth and dishwasher safe too!


Absolutely! One of the key feature of these openable straws is that they can be boiled to sanitize and it is dishwasher safe too! Our straws are also FDA Approved and BPA-Free Certified so it is very safe in high temperature (for short time) when it comes to cleaning. With the openable feature, many find they can just clean like normal dishes knowing it is 100% cleaned. Enjoy!


All Wiselly Silicone products (Reusable Silicone Bags, Reusable Silicone Straws) are manufactured in China within an strict FDA registered facility/factory and ISO9001 audited. Our product itself is FDA,BPA-Free certified and all of them are fully inspected pre-sale.


WISELLY is currently working on the Bubble Tea straws and will be available soon. Stay tone :)

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