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Reusable Stand-Up Silicone Food Storage Bags


How do I remove the Tritan / Clipper from the silicone bag?

There is actually a simple trick:

1. Put left hand on the left side of the Tritan, right hand on the right side of the Tritan.

2. Open 1 of the lock and "bend outward", you will notice right side of the clip will released. You can then able to disassemble the rest of the Tritan.


Our silicone bags are designed to "stand-up" by having flat, wide bottom so it can stand firmly during pouring foods or off use. Depends on how you use it, these bags can support a minimum level of leakage "from the opening".


Our bags will not leak from bottom. With the stand up feature, there is really no reason to put it upside down or lay it down because of the flat, wide bottom.


The main purpose for this design it to allowed people have a practical, long lasting product to use in replace of freezer bags, meal prep containers, food storage etc. While our products may not be fitting ALL users wishes, it definitely takes cares of 90% of users expectations - Practical to Use, Easy to Clean, Fast Drying, Stand-up, Storage Space & Travel Friendly, Long lasting materials & but not least - Great Customer Service. 


Where is it made?

Our silicone bags are designed in Canada and manufactured in China within an strict FDA registered facility/factory and ISO9001 audit.


Some of our employees are working in China to ensured the quality and standard fulfilment of the products.


Our product itself is FDA, BPA-Free certified with 100% Premium Food Grade Materials and all of them are fully inspected pre-sale.


Yes. We understand accidents do happen. We had customer broke the sealer simply because they did not know the right (and easy) way to open up the sealer. Or some of them put it into sous vide over the suggested temperature (For Sous Vide/boiling/microwaving along with the Tritan/clipper over temperatures of 158°F (70°C) will need to stay within 8 min).

Contact us if you are one of WISELLY customers. We are happy to help you with the Tritan questions. 


Yes. Our product has been through strict production process. All our silicone bags are FDA approved and BPA-Free. We do have certificates for these claims (also been submitted to Amazon for reference), further ensuring the health and safety of our customers.


Absolutely! These bags are designed to serve busy lifestyle! It is so versatile thus boiling in hot water / microwave the bag (with food inside) for heating purposes (maximum 8 minutes) is one of it's many functions. Just keep in mind these bags are not for baking or cooking purposes, it is best for food storage, meal preps or use as freezer bags.


If using for sous vide (ex. steak), are the bags flexible enough for all the air to be removed so the bag does not float?

This is the most common issue sous vide users have - Floating Bags. And Yes, our reusable silicone food bags are flexible to allowed all air escaped during heating or cooking in sous vide.

Depending on how much foods and weights in the bag, below are the few hacks you can try to weight down the bag and allowed air to escape during heating or cooking in sous vide.

1. With our reusable silicone food bags, while large opening is great for food transferring, the small opening (see bag specifications image) serves the purpose of allowing air to escape while heating up foods.

2. Adding additional weights such as using one or two heavy utensils such as (dull) butter knife in the bag to weight it down. Other creative ways may be small ceremic bowl or plates, etc.

3. Rarely but if none of the above is working, you can try leaving the bag unsealed (large opening), this will allowed air to escape. 


Absolutely! Many users use our Reusable Silicone Food Bags as freezer bags because these bags are very flexible and take up less room in your freezer as they are more pliable than vacuum sealer items.


Absolutely! Many users use our Reusable Silicone Food Bags as freezer bags because these bags are very flexible and take up less room in your freezer as they are more pliable than vacuum sealer items.


I find reusable silicone bags has odors overtime. Will your product smells overtime?

FDA Certified food grade silicone bags by itself should not smells before first use. Very often, the odors comes from food scents and this is normal because there are no chemicals added into the materials to make the silicone rigid.

There are several cost effective and safe options to cleanse strong scents such as garlic's and onion's odors from bag:

- Mix 2.5 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1/2 lemon with peels (cut into cubes) in the bag, seal the bag for at least 30 minutes (or even overnight for stubborn odors) before wash.

- Wash with Lemon Juice or Baking Soda when smells are noticed.

- Boiling the silicone bag for just 5 minutes after cleaning will also eliminate the smell.

Although our products are dishwasher safe, strong dishwasher detergent fragrance can leave a smell on the bags. We recommend using fragrant-free cleansing agents to minimize if not eliminate, residual smells after wash. 


How to remove food stains from the bag?

Hydrogen Peroxide is the secret! Soak the bag in the agent for at least 24 hours, the silicone bag (or any other silicone products) should return to it's original color. Just remember to wash the stain-free silicone product in warm soapy water before use.

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